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Making all your travel experiences incredible! 
Specialists in corporate and leisure travel, unique experiences, international events management, bespoke corporate hospitality and country inbound expertise 
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Meet the forest dwellers 

 Swedish Lapland is a treasure trove of unique flora and fauna. Join a wildlife safari, seeking this winter wonderland's furry residents...   



 WILDLIFE TOURS AVAILABLE IN   Sorsele, Ammarnäs, Gargnäs, Boden, Kiruna 

 FINDING THE ARCTIC FOX (8 hours)  Join a wildlife safari into Ammarnäs in Vindelfjällens nature reserve, one of Europe's largest protected areas. 

arctic fox adventure sweden
The area around Ammarnäs is the most reindeer-rich in Sweden and the arctic fox has a natural home in the Vindelfjällen mountains. Your host has been involved in the Arctic Fox Project, making him the expert on the foxes' habits and importance to the local environment. 
The arctic fox is a delight to witness. During winter, their bleach-white coats make them rather hard to spot, but on this wildlife excursion, you'll be accompanied by a Sami tour guide who will connect you to the local people, landscapes and animals.  
This tour will take you to a secret den of the foxes, with some cub sightings if you're lucky. Please note that in the interest of the animals, observation happens at a distance in order not to disturb these delightful animals.  
Soft drinks, coffee & packed outdoor lunch 
Transfer by car and boat 
Minimum/maximum guests: 3 - 6 (no children allowed) 
Best time to go: July 

BEAR SPOTTING FOR THE NATURE LOVERS (2 days)  During the summer, brown bears are readily visible 24 hours a day, in the beautiful surroundings of the Swedish Lapland forestland. 

brown bear sweden wildlife holiday
This two-day adventure will take you right into bear territory. After a long winter hibinating, the brown bear is on a mission to forage, mate and give birth.  
You'll spend your night in a romantic log cabin in the middle of the wilderness. This ecolodge acts as a comfortable hide from which to view, and photograph, these majestic animals. Spend your time at your own leisure, spotting bears, foxes, martens, raccoons, chirping forest birds and breeding Golden eagles.  
This is a wonderful family experience away from the crowds.  
All beverages 
Snacks & sandwiches 
Dinner at Treehotel restaurant 
Transfer from Treehotel 
Minimum/maximum guests: 2 - 4 (children from 12 years old welcome) 
Best time to go: May and August 

 INTO THE WILDERNESS (3 hours)  The mist swathes its thin veil, soon to be dissolved around the towering pines, revealing Sweden's unique birdlife and fauna.  

Ptarmigan bird arctic birds
This wildlife tour is short, but during the right season, you'll be guaranteed to spot all manner of fauna and birds including fox, reindeer, moose, Ptarmigan bird and much more! 
You'll be transferred to Skyvillage from Kiruna, where your hide awaits, offering the perfect vantage point for wildlife spotting. Get warm and cosy with Swedish coffee while answering the irresistible call of nature. 
Overalls and boots if needed 
Hot drinks, seasonal fruit and Lingonberry cookies 
Transfer from anywhere in Kiruna 
Minimum/maximum guests: 2 - 8 (children over 4 years old welcome) 
Best time to go: December to April 

 EAGLE SPOTTING FOR BIRDERS (7 hours)  Hop on a sheltered snowmobile before embarking on a birdwatcher's dream trip. 

golden eagle credit stewart finlayson
Credit: Stewart Finlayson 
Your trip will start just before sunrise. Travel to the hide by snowmobile, which will be warm and cosy by the time you arrive. The hide offers panoramic views of the surrounds and is known for being a Golden eagle breeding ground.  
During your eagle spotting session, you'll be served hot and cold beverages, sandwiches and lingonberry buns.  
Each guest will have their own spotting window with a separate photo table. 
Warm & cold drinks 
Minimum/maximum guests: 2 - 5 (children over 12 years old welcome) 
Best time to go: November to March 
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