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Making all your travel experiences incredible! 
Specialists in corporate and leisure travel, unique experiences, international events management, bespoke corporate hospitality and country inbound expertise 
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FERRIERE VALLEY ADVENTURE (3 - 5 hours)  Amalfi Coast, Italy 

ferreire valley amalfi coast walking holiday


Explore this unique location in Scala between the Amalfi and Agerola in a wide, deep valley where streams, waterfalls and sea breezes create a subtropical climate which has become the exclusive habitat of the giant fern that can be traced back to the Cenozoic era. Other stunning flora includes the near-extinct Pinguicula hirtiflora (a small carnivorous plant), and the speckled salamander.  
The excursion begins in the Campidoglio hamlet, where you can enjoy the splendid views of Punta D'Aglio before following he CAI 57 footpath that overlooks the high ridge of Pogerola, a quaint hamlet close to the Ferriere Valley Nature Reserve. Cross below Mount Castello in the Pellegra area where steep pastures and overhanging cliffs greet delighted hikers.  
Follow on the Canneto torrent until you arrive at the nature reserve, where inumerable waterfalls and streams create a calming environment for quiet contemplation. Take a short break before continuing towards Amalfi. You'll cross fascination ancient ironworks and numerous papermills, a little piece of history in the wilderness.  
Make your way down towards the centre of Amalfi through the Mulini Valley , where the scent of lemons invigorates the senses. Your trek will take you onwards past the beautiful Amalfi cathedral where the sea opens up before you.  
The excursion has two routes. The one starts from Campidoglio and is for more experienced and fit hikers.  
When to go: 
Between the summer months of June to September

  GOD'S PATH HIKE (3 hours)  Amalfi Coast, Italy  

jesse on a journey god's path amalfi italy walking holiday
Credit: Jesse on a Journey 


This journey is one of the most popular and famous of the Amalfi region. As an old communication route, it was used for centuries by the local inhabitants that enbaled them to get to their arable lands, orchards and offered a way to Positano.  
Named "God's Path" due to the immense beauty of botanical landscapes, caves and deep inlets. It also offers an awe-inspiring view of the coast from Positano to Capri.  
You'll walk at 500 m above sea level, among typical Mediterranean maquis, rocky ridges and holm-oak woods.  
The route is for travellers of all fitness levels and begins at Agerola and ends in Nocelle (Positano). 

 WALK AT DAWN (3 hours)  Amalfi Coast, Italy  

salerno walking holiday italy


Set off from one of the most panoramic places in Scale, a 600m-above-sea-level route that is just one hour from the highway.  
You'll depart at the first light of dawn and as the sun rises, breathtaking views greet you of not only the whole coast of Amalfi, but the impressive Gulf of Salerno. After the charming spectacle at dawn, the excursion continues through the hamlets of Scala, immersed in a panorama surrounded by woods, chestnut and lemon growns and finally, the beach and sea.  
The walk is season dependent, so ask us about the best time to go on this wonderous journey.  

TORRE DELLO ZIRO EXPLORATION (3 hours)  Amalfi Coast, Italy 

rovos rail namibia safari landscape


This excursion is all about Amalfi's intruiging history. Begining from the small square of Minuta, you'll explore the SS.Annunziata Chruch that dates back to the 11th Century. The church is one of the few examples of Romanesque architecture along the Amalfi Coast and is considered as the most beautiful medieval church of the Campania region.  
You'll decsend the old stairs that link Minuta to the hamlet of Pontone before stopping at the ruins of the Sant'Eustachio church, built in the first half of the 12th Century. The impressive ruins of the apse and stump coloumns with marble capitals divide the church into three naves.  
Continue where the ancient ruins of Torre dello Ziro loom in the distance. Stop at the medieal square of Pontone for a short break before setting off again on the journey amid the greenery of Mount Pontone. The viewpoint of the Gulf of Salerno is simply exquisite.  
Return to the path and head towards the famous Torre dello Ziro which was once a viewpoint to spot Saracen fleets approaching the coast, a symbol of the roubled history of the Grand Duchy of Amalfi. Here, in the early 1500s, Giovanna D'Arangona, known as "the madwoman" was locked up and then killed, together with her children.  
End your walk by returning to the Pontone hamlet. The length of the hike can be adjusted based on your needs. 

MIDNIGHT SUN HIKE (2,5 hours)  Kiruna, Sweden 

camp ripan midnight sun hike sweden holiday
The Midnight Sun Trail starts in the low mountain terrain of Kiruna, right next to Camp Ripan, and ends above the tree line on the top of Luossavaara mountain, where gorgeous views await you.  
During the guided tour you will learn more about the nature, culture and history of Kiruna. Half way along you'll stop for a picnic while watching the midnight sun (during the summer months).  
After this magical experience, you'll follow the trail back to Camp Ripan.  
Please bring comfortable walking shoes. 
Coffee/tea, coldrink and sandwich 
Minimum/maximum guests: 2 to 12 (children between seven and twelve years old welcome) 
Best time to go: May 20 - July 20, August 1 - October 15. 
Please note that the midnight sun will wear away 20th of July but the hike is still worth exploring as it offers amazing scenery.  

GUIDED SNOWSHOE HIKE (2 hours +)  Arjeplog, Sweden 

snowshoe hike sweden walking holiday
Join a guided expedition in the mountains of Arjeplog during the heart of winter in Lapland. You'll discover Sweden's untouched nature by snowshoe. Bring warm clothing! 
The hike is comfortable and suitable for all ages.  
Coffee or tea 
Minimum/maximum guests: 5 to 20  
Best time to go: December to June 

HELICOPTER & HIKING EXPERIENCE (6 hours)  Arjeplog, Sweden 

helicopter and hiking lapland
Skip a long trek up the mountain in Arjeplog with a beautifully scenic helipcopter tour over the Arctic Circle. You'll be transfered on a one-hour drive before hopping in the awaiting helicopter. Soar over an endless landscape before summiting the mountain.  
Afterwards, your professional guide will take you on a safe downhill hike back to the village of Vuoggatjålme where you'll enjoy a much-needed meal in a restaurant.  
This excursion requires hiking boots and outdoor clothing.  
Transfers to the Arctic Circle. 
Local guide 
Water, coffee, tea 
Lunch at a village restaurant 
Minimum/maximum guests: 2 - 4 people. Children from 12 years old and upwards. 
Best time to go: June 17 2019 - August 18 2019. Open Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Starting time 09h00. 

NATURE HIKE AT SORBYN LODGE (3 - 6 hours)  Boden, Sweden 

swedish lapland hike walking holiday
Sorbyn Lodge is located in a breathaking wilderness in Swedish Lapland. Here, you'll discover the heart of the old forest, on an educational hike that will show you the flora and fauna of the region. During the berry season, you're more than welcome to forage from this magical area. 
During the hike, you'll stop off for lunch around a roaring fire, enjoying fika and Swedish coffee.  
During the midnight sun hike, your journey begins in the evening before you hike up the Snipen mountain, where impressive views over the Råneå River Valley greet you. Enjoy some Wedish coffee and fika while gazing out at the stunning views and northern summer night.  
This is a full day hike (depending on your requirements) that begins at Sorbyn Lodge. 
Lunch, warm drinks and snacks 
Trained guide 
Minimum/maximum guests: 2 - 10 people. Children from 11 years old and upwards. 
Best time to go: May to October 

TREEHOTEL FOREST HIKE (3 hours)  Boden, Sweden 

cabin treehotel sweden lapland
At Treehotel, the forest is literally on your doorstep. Explore the deeply wild, Instagram-worthy wilderness with an experienced guide that will show you the forest's secret flora and fauna treasures.  
During autumn, pick your own berries to enjoy on the spot, or savour them in a meal at the Treehotel restaurant. Tea or coffee will be served around a campfire on a short stop.  
This is an amazing walking holiday for photographers. Bring your camera and suitable shoes. 
Hot and cold drinks and snacks 
Trained guide 
Minimum/maximum guests: 2 - 10 people. Children from 12 years old and upwards. 
Best time to go: 1 May to 30 November 
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