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Specialists in corporate and leisure travel, unique experiences, international events management, bespoke corporate hospitality and country inbound expertise 
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Sorsele, Ammarnäs & Gargnäs 
Where it all begins, or ends 

Sorsele, Ammarnäs and Gargnäs   A small and genuine area with mountains, a national river and friendly people – a place you'll want to come back to... 

sorsele swedish lapland northern lights
The municipality of Sorsele is a region almost as big as the island of Crete, and one of the least crowded municipalities in Sweden. It stretches from the mountains along the Norwegian border down to right in the middle of Lapland. In one end of the municipality, one finds the peninsula and village of Gargnäs, and in the other end, there’s the mountain village of Ammarnäs. The distance between Ammarnäs and Sorsele is 90 kilometres and between Sorsele and Gargnäs 48 kilometres. It takes almost two hours going from Ammarnäs to Gargnäs by car. 


Sorsele is the regional centre and the largest village in the municipality. If you go for a walk here, you’ll be walking alongside the river Vindelälven. The village is partly situated on an island in the middle of the river, tracing its roots back to the 17th century where the church was built. Still today, the church tower can be spotted from far away when one closes in on Sorsele. Sorseles’ idyllic location by the river allows fishing as well as boat trips, and cattle roaming free on the riverbanks, visible from lunch tables at the hotel. There is some great shopping available here too. Discover Sorsele by foot, bicycle or a tour boat during the summer, or a kick sled, pair of skis or snowmobile during the winter. Ice fishing is a popular winter activity among the residents of Sorsele. Sit down with a cup of coffee at the bakery or at the Railroad Museum or visit the historial church. 


According to some people, the mountain village of Ammarnäs is where the road ends, alluding to Route 363 going along the river Vindelälven to the coast. However, epending on who you ask, it could also be where everything starts. There are several sites in the village that are considered national historical treasures, such as the charming church town built for the Sami. The potato hill is the one place to grow potatoes in the mountains, still in use after a couple of hundred years. 
The Ammarnäs mountain village is small, but it has a big heart and everything you could ask for. The locals were either born there or moved there because of what it has to offer – world-class fishing, the Sami culture, spending most of the day outdoors and a low-key, sustainable lifestyle – or the out-of-the-ordinary generosity and friendliness of the villagers. 


Gargnäs is beautifully located on a narrow peninsula between Lake Hemsjön and the Gargån stream, about fifty kilometres from Sorsele. For a small village, it has a lot going for it – a store, lots of accommodation, a place that serves pizza, a restaurant, a mini-golf course, rentals and great fishing waters. But foremost it is the place where you’ll be treated as one of their own – Gargnäs is a joyous and generous place. This is where you’ll find reminders of the log driving days of Northern Sweden – from relics in the streams to cycling and walking routes. The open farming landscapes, the streams and creeks, the forests and the lakes that are in this area makes for an array of activities. Canoeing, fly fishing or sports fishing, skiing along the river, dog sledding and riding, to name a few. There are some renowned fishing waters that are teeming with grayling, salmon and brown trout. 

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