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Specialists in corporate and leisure travel, unique experiences, international events management, bespoke corporate hospitality and country inbound expertise 
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Culture & cuisine 

Jokkmokk  Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland couples majestic nature, brimming with culture and culinary experiences that reflectic this paradise... 

sami children jokkmokk swedish lapland
Jokkmokk has been a natural cultural meeting place for hundreds of years, but it´ is also a place to experience the wonders of nature – the magnificent national park of Sarek with its high snow-covered peaks and many glaciers, the Badjelánnda with its large beautiful lakes, Stora Sjöfallet/Stuor Muorke with the marvellous mountain of Áhkká and the primaeval forests of Muddus/Muttos. And they are all part of the unique UNESCO World Heritage Site of Laponia
The town is a centre for Sámi culture with unique knowledge about the natural resources of the region; game meat, reindeer, wild berries, herbs and indigenous fish. Besides companies specialised in the Sámi food culture, Jokkmokk also has producers such as the renowned company Jokkmokks korv, herb specialist Eva Gunnare, a small microbrewery to name just a few. 

 A place of contrasts   

The city of Jokkmokk is located a couple of kilometres north of the polar circle. From the beginning of June to the beginning of July, you could experience the midnight sun over snow-covered mountains of Laponia. In the midwinter, there are very good opportunities to experience the magical northern light on a crystal clear night sky with very little light pollution. 

  Ájtte and the Jokkmokk Alpine Garden 

Ájtte is the principal museum of Sámi culture. At the museum, you can see exhibitions about the sámi culture; about costume and silver, religion and mythology and how people have adapted to life in a land without roads. During summertime, the Jokkmokk Alpine Garden is an oasis on the shores of Lake Talvatis. Lightly trodden paths take youthrough various natural milieus hosting the flora of the region. A truly remarkable and unique place for everyone interested in mountain flora! 

  Laponia UNESCO World Heritage Site 

Jokkmokk is the highest alpine municipality in Sweden; home of the high alpine national park of Sarek with many peaks above 2000 meters. Sarek national park is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Laponia which stretches through the municipality of Jokkmokk and Gällivare and includes the Badjelánnda, Stora Sjöfallet and Muddus national parks, as well as the nature reserve of Sjaunja and Stubbá. The Laponian area is a magnificent area of high mountains, primaeval forests, vast marshes and beautiful lakes. It contains areas of exceptional beauty such as the snow-covered high mountains of the Sarek national park and the river delta in the Rapa Valley. It´s also a home for the Sámi people and every summer, the reindeer herders move their reindeer towards the mountains through the landscape. The diverse culture and nature can be traced thousands of years back in time. 

  Jokkmokk Winter Market   

Hosting one of the oldest annual markets in the world, Jokkmokk is a natural meeting place for Sámi people from all over Sápmi. It´s also the place where the Jokkmokk winter market has been celebrated annually for more than four hundred years, starting on the first Thursday in February. This warm celebration features cultural activities and amazing culinary experiences right in the coldest time of midwinter. The market attracts tens of thousands of international visitors and you won´t be able to find these genuine food experiences anywhere else in the world. 

Exciting adventures  

Every year the city hosts the Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet. With its 220 kilometres long track the race takes the spot of the world´s longest classical ski race. Jokkmokk is also host to the Ice Ultra marathon – an extreme endurance race that takes places during the midwinter with stretches in the Laponia. Other experiences include hiking, cross country skiing, dog-sledding, downhill skiing, canoeing, wildlife watching, mountain climbing and so much more. 

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