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The Northern Lights (also called the aurora borealis) attracts many curious travellers to Scandinavian destinations such as Norway. Take in the otherworldly light show across the Arctic sky on a Northern Lights tour in Norway. 
The Northern Lights or aurora borealis is one of the most gorgeous natural spectacles on earth. 
Norway is considered one of the places where you have a much better chance of seeing this phenomenon 
The best time to go in during the winter between late September and March. 
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northern lights in norway
Svolvær, Norway 

What are the Northern Lights? 

This spectacular phenomenon arises when a collision between electrically charged sun particles enter the earth’s atmosphere. The result is the exciting neon show in the night sky. Beautiful green, yellow and red hues fill the sky to produce a natural phenomenon like no other in the world. 

Why Norway? 

Norway offers you a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights as opposed to other Scandivanian countries like Swedish Lapland or Finland. Its location and expansive landscapes near the Aurora zone makes it the best place to plan their Northern Lights expedition. You’ll be swept away by the diverse ways to see this otherworldly phenomenon. There are amazing hostels and hotels (ranging from budget to luxury) on offer. In addition to a Northern Lights tour, there are a range of exciting and diverse activities to experience. Perhaps you’d love to see the icy fjords or hike up the snow capped mountains? Norway’s landscapes treats all your senses with its natural beauty. 

What to do on your tour 

husky sledding incredible experiences

Dog Sledding Norway 

Take part in an authentic Norwegian winter holiday experience on a dog sledding tour. The trip itself is usually three hours of comfortable serenity and revitalisation. Once the dogs start racing through the forest, all is quiet, except for the rushing and whistling of passing snow-laden trees. It's a truly exhilarating experience. 

Meet the Sami people 

What better way to wholeheartedly take in Norway than an authentic encounter with indigenous people? The Sami people inhabit Northern Europe, including northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. The largest population of this indigenous group lives in Norway. Experiencing the Sami culture and way of life is a good way to enrich your time in the Scandinavian country. You can arrange to camp in a traditional lavvo (Sami tent) and get to meet the prized local reindeer. There are a variety of Sami festivals such as the popular Norwegian Championship in Reindeer Racing and Lasso Throwing. 

 Wildlife safaris 

Although wildlife safaris might be synonymous with the Southern hemisphere, Norway offers you an alternative safari which sees magnificent animals like whales, orcas and king crabs in their natural habitat. You’ll discover some of Europe’s most intriguing wildlife and birds. Get ready to see white-tailed eagles, puffins, moose and elk, the Eurasian lynx (if you’re lucky) and Arctic fox. The remote Svalbard archipelago is home to polar bear and walrus. 

 Snowshoe hiking tour 

One of the easiest things to do in Norway, snowshoeing is a unique winter holiday experience. You’ll get to encounter nature up close while breathing in the fresh, crisp air as the snow crunches beneath specialised snowshoes that have been used for centuries to traverse the deep Arctic snow. 

Best time to go 

The best time to do the Northern Lights tour in Norway is between late September and late March. During this time there are less daytime hours, making it the ideal conditions for magical neon-lit skies. When it comes to the Northern Lights, darkness is your friend.  
It is worth noting that a grandiose dancing of celestial bodies in the night sky is not fully guaranteed. Due to it being a natural phenomenon, it is up to nature to determine your success of witnessing the Northern Lights firsthand. Whatever happens, you are guaranteed to see Norway’s breathtaking sunset colours and midnight hues. 

The Northern Lights forecast 

To increase your chance of seeing the Northern Lights in Norway, download the NorwayLights app for iPhone, Android or Windows. 
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