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Specialists in corporate and leisure travel, unique experiences, international events management, bespoke corporate hospitality and country inbound expertise 
Making all your travel experiences incredible! 
Specialists in corporate and leisure travel, unique experiences, international events management, bespoke corporate hospitality and country inbound expertise 
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holiday festival india incredible experiences

Holi Festival of Colours, Northern India 

This popular festival is a celebration of natural abundance during the spring equinox, after a long winter, and represents the triumph of good vs evil. Expect a rainbow of coloured water spraying over the crowd. It is common practice to rub colours over faces and bodies, so take care to protect yourself from the dyes. 
The best way to experience this show of colour and happiness is with a tour operator, due to the crowded nature of the event. 
In 2020, the festival will start on the 9th and 10th of March, although in some parts of the country, the festival may begin before this, and last a lot longer. Contact us to find out when you should go, depending on the area you’d like to visit. 

The Tunnel of Love, Kleven, Ukraine 

tunnel of love ukraine travel incredible experiences
For the young lovers, this magical, leafy green tunnel is the perfect spot for romance. The tunnel stretches for a little over three kilometres, originally built for train transportation of militia. Since the tunnel is not used for that purpose anymore, the overgrowth has transformed into a unique canopy of think vegetation. No photographic filters are necessary as the natural beauty is simply outstanding. 
It is believed that if couples make a wish while under the tunnel, it will come true. While there is no evidence of this, it’s a great place to share with someone special. 

Machu Picchu, Andes Mountain, Peru 

machu picchu peru holiday incredible experiences
Needing little introduction, Machu Picchu is a history-buff’s dream destination. This archeological site is steeped in ancient culture. Built by the Inca Empire, the spot was never revealed to colonialists, and was practically forgotten until the 20th Century. 
While most people think that the experience ends at the awe-inspiring top, there are so many wondrous trails and hidden museums. Ask the local guides where to go after you’ve snapped your Instagram photos. 
Towering over the surrounding misty mountains, the site is often shrouded in fog and clouds, so it’s best to avoid going during the rainy season (November to March). Summiting the awe-inspiring site is limited to only a few guests at a time, so the low season is probably the best time to visit (April to October), although it remains possible to visit all-year round. 

Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

yi peng festival of lights thailand holiday incredible experiences
This festival of lights takes place in November (depending on the stages of the moon), and is a celebration of good wishes and peace for all. Imagine the sky being lit up with thousands of pretty, floating lanterns rising up into the night sky and you have an idea of the beauty of this event. It’s intended as a passage from darkness to light, so don’t forget to make a wish for prosperity and joy for the coming year. 
Local temples are decorated with palm leaves and sweet-smelling incense, so do visit these during the festival. 

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 

climbing mount kilimanjaro wildlife elephants incredible experiences
The iconic Mount Kilimanjaro has seen countless mountaineers and active travellers summit the peak every year. As the highest free-standing mountain peak on earth, it’s no wonder that adventurers have this experience on their bucket list. The sheer height of the mountain creates its own weather patterns, so an experienced guide should always be employed to take you to what seems like the top of the world. 
This experience is for the very fit, and those with a little bit more experience in climbing. The best time to go is from April to October during the dry season. 

Maldives, Indian Ocean 

floating bungalows maldives holiday indian ocean
This picturesque island is a paradise of aquamarine sea and marine-rich coral reefs and shallow lagoons. Consisting of 26 atolls, this is the smallest Indian Ocean island, but offers plenty of tourist attractions, most notably the “floating” bungalows interspersed throughout the island. 
This is the ideal destination for honeymooners, due to the intimate and private accommodation available. Beach picnics, snorkelling, diving and swimming are the best experiences to have here, as with most tropical islands. Definitely worth a visit. 

Great Wildebeest Migration, Serengeti and Masai Mara 

mara river corssing wildebeest migration safari
This epic journey of stamina and resilience is one of the most famous animal migrations on earth. Each year, millions (and we mean millions) of wildebeest begin a cyclical journey from the Serengeti in Tanzania, to the south of the Masai Mara in Kenya. Closely bound to the seasons, rainfall and grassy nutrients drive these animals onwards, seeking richer pastures. The sheer number of animals is unbelievable, and is one of the most coveted wildlife experiences in the world. 
The highlight of the Great Migration is the Mara River crossing, the most documented leg of the wildebeest’s journey. Plunging down steep banks into the river brings its own challenges, including predators lurking near the banks, and hungry crocodiles waiting for an opportune meal. 
The best time to go is during the dry season of June to October, although the wildebeests’ movements can differ based on rainfall. Accommodation fills up very quickly, so this is an experience you’ll need to book well in advance (we recommend up to a year prior to travel). 
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