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Specialists in corporate and leisure travel, unique experiences, international events management, bespoke corporate hospitality and country inbound expertise 
Making all your travel experiences incredible! 
Specialists in corporate and leisure travel, unique experiences, international events management, bespoke corporate hospitality and country inbound expertise 
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Conscious travel influences travel decisions, particularly for millenials  
Multi-destination trips are on the rise  
Winter holidays are becoming increasingly popular 
Social media and travel apps continue to take over 
Family vacations have increased exponentially 


When will it happen and what does Brexit mean for travellers? It’s a little unclear as to whether the agreed upon 31st January 2020 Withdrawal Agreement will actually be put into action, and the actual changes in travel are unclear. 
However, it is predicted that changes to air transport, mobile roaming, currency, passport control, immigration, healthcare privileges and travel delays can be expected. 
We’re available to advise you on what to expect in all the Brexit confusion. 

Conscious travel  

volunteerism travel incredible experiences
The spotlight has turned to environmental concerns and this has impacted travel immensely. Climate change activists, “ecowarriors” and volunteers are slowly but surely making an impact on the global collective conscience. Trends indicate that travellers consider sustainability, community enrichment, and low-impact tourism options before making a buying decision. If you suffer from “flight shame”, then consider holidays like luxury train travel and international cruises to limit the impact of carbon emissions. 
In terms of wildlife, there has been a strong movement against animal captivity establishments like zoos. Animal interactions like petting, walking with animals or hunting are frowned upon. Please note that Incredible Experiences do not support these interactions. 
As far as humanitarian travel is concerned, there are a growing number of young people looking to assist impoverished communities through volunteerism travel. This is combined with multi-destination trips across a wide variety of countries, most notably South East Asia and Africa. 

Multi-destination trips  

So-called “third-world” countries with crumbling economies and off-the-beaten-track destinations are becoming more attractive to travellers, particularly youth looking for affordable holidays. Trends indicate that travellers are extending their time on holiday by 30% on average to incorporate a variety of destinations and experiences. 

Family holidays  

family holiday tanzania safari
While not new, family trips have increased by 80%. Travellers are looking to provide their children with experiences rather than material possessions. In addition, more and more corporate travellers are extending their trips to include family holidays. 

Winter holidays  

Forget your typical balmy beach holiday. There has been an increase in winter holiday travel rather than traditional island escapes. We believe that winter holidays are largely more affordable, and offer unique experiences during the off season in travel. 

Social media  

jack morris instagram travel
Social media vlogger, Drew Binsky 
It’s pretty challenging these days not to see a plethora of travel experiences published on social media. Youtube vloggers, bloggers and Instagram travel influencers have changed the intimacy of travel into a shared experience. 
One of our favourite travel vloggers is Drew Binsky, a young global traveller who shares his unique travel experiences in often-avoided or least-visited places. Prepare to have your preconceived ideas challenged. 

Travel apps  

Nifty travel planning apps are becoming “can’t-live-without” tools that ensure smooth trips. In a recent report by Business of Apps, travel app downloads accounted for 3,31 million downloads on iOS alone in 2019. Travel has never been easier. 
No matter what happens in the world, our need to explore, to create memories and experience the unforgettable is still very much a part of human nature. Sure, business travel is often a necessity, but with the right travel experts this too can be life-changing. 
Travel, after all, will always be more important than things. 
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