Making all your travel experiences incredible! 
Specialists in corporate and leisure travel, unique experiences, international events management, bespoke corporate hospitality and country inbound expertise 
Making all your travel experiences incredible! 
Specialists in corporate and leisure travel, unique experiences, international events management, bespoke corporate hospitality and country inbound expertise 
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HOW TO HAVE FUN ON BUSINESS TRIPS Posted Thursday December 10th 2015 

Travelling for business trips might seem glamorous at first and to outsiders it probably seems luxurious. Jetting off to different countries all of the time is a massive luxury and a huge perk to your job, but if you are the one that is doing it week after week, month after month then it can quickly lose some of its charm. 
Business trips are exhausting. You’re running from event to event, enduring never-ending networking sessions, attend meetings and corporate dinners. You’re forever packing up your suit case and moving on to your next destination. Not to mention the endless airports, flight layovers and navigating of time zones you have to endure. All of this can become tiresome and when you spend a great deal of your life in hotel rooms instead of at home with your loved ones the appeal of business travel soon wears thin. 
We understand though that business travel is essential to many of you so in order to make sure you can alleviate some stress and get some enjoyment out of it we have some top tips to having some fun on your next business trip. 


Have an hour or two to kill in between meetings? Instead of sitting held up in your hotel room or lobby head outside, take a walk and explore the city or country you are in. Take in the sights and discover the historic areas on offer. Checking out famous buildings and museums will see that you absorb some of the culture surrounding and who knows, you might just learn something new. 


Now whilst this might not offer much in the way of culture, it will give you the opportunity to take some much needed time out and indulge in a little retail therapy. Pick up some souvenirs for your family and friends. Choosing items that reflect where you’ve been will create a fun talking point when you return. 


Don’t settle for room service; get yourself to some restaurants to sample the local cuisine. Dining alone can be a daunting experience but it is actually quite wonderful. It gives you the time to be alone with your thoughts and really enjoy your meal; which is a rarity in the busy world of business. It is also the perfect to time to read up on some things do in the city before you fly home. 


After a day in the boardroom you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Discover what sporting activities are available locally. Fancy a round of golf? Then rent some clubs and head to the fairway. More of a gym bunny? Then book a hotel with a swimming pool and gym so you can blow off some steam and leave your worries on the treadmill. If gyms aren’t your bag then hit the pavement and explore some local parks at the same time. The fresh air will do wonders for your demeanour and is bound to clear your head before you have to board your next flight. 
If you want to make the most out of your business travels then get in touch today and we can assist in adding some leisure and cultural activities to either end of your trip. Perhaps you would like to go one further and attach a weekend or two to your stay so you can enjoy time soaking up some sun or relaxing somewhere lovely? Whether you need detailed leisure activities and trips planned or simply for us to provide information on local must sees and amenities in the area we can help and make sure your business trips are always a pleasure and never a chore. 



BUSINESS TRAVEL: CORPORATE ETIQUETTE Posted Monday November 23rd 2015 

Business travel means that you are going to find yourself dealing with a lot of different cultural practices that you might not be used to and if there is one place you do not want to offend anyone it’s in the boardroom or over that all important business lunch. 
What is considered “proper etiquette” or “good manners” varies greatly from country to country and failure to understand and adhere to these cultural differences could see you failing to do business in a certain country. As a professional travelling overseas for work it is essential that you take the time to familiarise yourself with local social customs and practices so as not to appear rude or ill mannered during your time there. 
To save you trawling through the web or resorting to a last minute Google search before that meeting we have done the hard work for; after all you work enough as it is. So to ensure you are not dissing any one down under or jinxing that deal in Japan here is our guide to overseas business travel etiquette. 


Now us Brits know that being tardy is frowned upon, but we also know that half of the time we are far too polite (read, British) to ever pick anyone up on it. But it is worth bearing in mind that if you are doing business in New Zealand being late is the height of rudeness and they wont be afraid to pick you up on your slack nature. So arrive 15 minutes early to avoid any bad impressions. The Brazilians however find it perfectible acceptable to run a little late for meetings. 


Picking up a sandwich with your hands during a business lunch in New York wouldn’t be a big deal. But in Rio de Janeiro, it could signify considerable disrespect. So make sure even finger food is eaten with cutlery or a napkin. Also stateside it is acceptable to do business over breakfast, lunch or dinner, in China however discussing business over any meal is distasteful. If you are in India don’t thank you host at the end of a meal as this is seen as a form of payment and therefore insulting. In the UK it is customary to thank your host, waiter or waitress. Down under there are rules regarding paying for drinks so if you pop out for a social business drink don’t pay out of turn during rounds. 


Greeting someone in Germany should be done with a handshake and in turn a nod of the head; a nod back will ensure a good impression has been made. In France don’t be alarmed in you are greeted with a kiss, but in the UK keep it to a firm handshake and keep the kisses for social events only. 


If you are coming over to visit our neck of the woods remember that business dress in the UK is of utmost importance. Make sure your shirt is long sleeved and avoid shirts with pockets at all costs. If you do slip up and wear a pocketed shirt whatever you do KEEP IT EMPTY! 


Now us Brits know that being tardy is frowned upon, but we also know that half of the time we are far too polite (read, British) to ever pick anyone up on it. But it is worth bearing in mind that if you are doing business in New Zealand being late is the height of rudeness and they wont be afraid to pick you up on your slack nature. So arrive 15 minutes early to avoid any bad impressions. The Brazilians however find it perfectible acceptable to run a little late for meetings. 


Gift giving is customary in Japan but make sure it has been wrapped to a high standard. The way a gift is presented is of more value than the actual gift itself. The Chinese also like gifting but make sure you give and receive any gifts with both hands. Best not to bring a gift to a meeting in the USA though as this will be seen as bribery. 
So there you have it, just a few of the business travel etiquette rules from around the globe to make sure you seal that deal where every you might be in the world. 

CORPORATE TRAVEL SERVICES Posted Tuesday November 17th 2015 

Here at IE Corporate Travel Services we have one simple aim – to take the work out of corporate travel and get you and your employees where you need to go without any stress at all. 
Did you know that the average person will work 90,000 hours in their lifetime and that more than 13 million working days are lost to stress related illness in the UK alone? With so much of our lives dictated by work we think that when it comes to corporate travel you deserve a well earnt break. 


IE Corporate Travel Services is totally dedicated to providing the perfect solutions for all your corporate travel needs. Offering a highly professional business travel service, giving customer satisfaction and guaranteeing your travel and event arrangements are what we do best. Our dedicated team have the experience and background to source the most appropriate and economical solutions to fulfil any businesses needs. So no matter how small or big your company is, we can assist with working out an efficient travel policy and plan to suit all budgets and needs. 
From incentive travel, team building, Christmas parties and special events to group travel, corporate golfing tours and other sporting events, whatever it is you need we have experience in organising all of the above and on an international scale. So let us take care of all the details while you sit back and relax. With IE there is no need for you or your colleagues to be spending hours surfing the Internet to get the best prices and deals. Handing the planning over to us allows you to continue to focus on what matters most – growing your business. 
Whether you know exactly what you want or you need some expert recommendations we are available to advise and consult as much or as little as you need, to ensure that you and your fellow employees are getting the most from not only your trip, but also your budget. 


We also understand that because you travel a lot, you need to build up loyalty programmes with regular suppliers; we take that into consideration when we plan your travel. We also appreciate that you need the best accommodation, transfers and seats on the plane and that is why we will go above and beyond to make sure you arrive in comfort and in style, ready and refreshed. 
If you are looking for a service that is not only cost effective, but efficient and professional then we can help you and as a member of the of the UK’s leading independent travel group, The Travel Network Group we are proud to offer you complete peace of mind. When you choose us you can rest assure that you are dealing with an organisation that is accredited with recognised travel licences. 
Our philosophy is this; we will deliver what we say we will. Focusing on providing excellent service, expertise and of course enjoyment is at the forefront of everything IE Corporate Travel Services do. Our belief is that all travel should offer a unique and incredible experience, whether that is for business purposes or leisure. And while we are talking leisure why not add a weekend to either side of your business trip to explore the area and get to know the locals and their culture more, because if there is one thing we are certain of it is that travel shouldn’t be all work and no play. 

THE WORLD TRAVEL MARKET 2015 Posted Tuesday November 10th 2015 

You would have heard of around the world in 80 days, but how about four? Earlier this month the team and I here at IE Corporate Travel Services did just that and all without stepping foot on an aeroplane. And this is how we did it… 


From the 2nd to the 5th of November, London’s ExCeL Centre played host to The World Travel Market and we were there to witness it in all of its glory. Staged annually The World Travel Market is the leading global event for the travel industry. It is a vibrant must see business-to-business event presenting a diverse range of destinations and industry sectors to UK and International travel professionals. More than 50,000 senior travel industry professionals, government ministers and members of the international press visit the exhibition every November to network, negotiate and discover the latest in industry opinion and trends. The event, which is now in its 36th year, generates more than £2.5 billion of travel industry contracts and anyone worth their salts is there to immerse themselves in this true spectacle of an exhibition. Welcome to the world on show. 
We spent three out of the five days at the ExCeL discovering different countries and the unique opportunities they have to offer. We dipped our toes into the cultural practices of interesting places, meet intriguing people from all walks of life from every corner of the globe and left with a burning desire to head straight to Heathrow airport and jump on the first plane to anywhere. 
Throughout the day we attended several of the scheduled talks and discussions led by some of the very best industry professionals. We learnt all about Generation Z and how they are about to change the face of travel forever, we leant the importance of digital and how in this day and age there is no longer any sense of on or offline line; there is only the here and the now and we must act or miss out. We made contacts, found solutions to our client’s needs (no matter how obscure) and we collated exciting trips to add to our products. But it wasn’t all work and no play – after all the World Travel Market is about fun just as much as it is business. 
So with this in mind we wandered from country to country to pretend, if only for a few days, that we were on a real world tour. We drank shots of limoncello in Gozo, we were schooled on the art sailing in Croatia, dined on artesian chocolates in Brugges and discovered the last nomads in Mongolia. 


The event serves to provide a unique opportunity for the whole of the global travel trade to meet each other, network, negotiate and conduct business under one ginormous roof, but it also serves to reawaken a real sense of wanderlust in all of those who attend. Sometimes that can get lost amongst the daily drudgeries of work. When there are deadlines to be met, clients to look after and marketing strategies to be put into place we forget how amazing this world really is; we forget to dream of far flung shores and of distant skies, of making memories not just money. We forget to think beyond our little space in this world and The World Travel Market woke us up to this fact and reminded us just how much why we love what we do. 
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